PRAM won two awards for the project “Indifference”

PRAM Consulting was awarded the Czech Award for Public Relations which is organized annually by the Association of Public Relation Agencies (APRA).


PRAM was awarded 2nd place for the project Indifference in category Sport&Entertainment and 3rd place in category Media Placement. „We really appreciate both awards. This year, all the submitted projects were really great and there were many of them which deserved to be awarded,“  said Patrik Schober, Managing Partner of PRAM Consulting.

In the beginning, there was an Indifference - a short film made by amateur filmmakers which was filmed according to real event. The communication campaign set up by PRAM not only aroused the public interest in film but also stimulated public discussion on the topic indifference in general. Although the project was executed within one month, the campaign brought success of the film at the film festival Febiofest and contributed to cooperation of the filmmakers with global TV stations FilmBox.

Trailer for the film: